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Epic Life Solutions is the recovery system that helps you get your life back in the privacy of your own home.

Imagine the feeling of finally being able to look your loved ones in the face and proclaim, "I'm no longer bound to drugs, alcohol, PTSD, Depression, anxiety, worry or fear.. this Program shows you the way to a full and abundant life!" and know that you mean it.  Imagine how you will feel getting back to work or spending time with your kids and actually being in the moment without hiding things from them and lying to them.

After a dozen expensive residential treatment facilities and the loss of almost everything that is dear to you, you simply gave up on the possibility that there was a solution for your problem. Now, because of Dr. Clay's revolutionary breakthrough discovery, there is real hope for your full recovery and regeneration mentally, physically and spiritually.

Announcing Epic Life Solutions, the first in-home recovery, and regeneration system, proven and highly recommended by addiction counselors. Epic Life Solutions is also a proven method to end relapses. It gives structure and accountability for your loved one who may be coming out of an inpatient program.  Epic Life Solutions is a 91-day, in-home recovery and regeneration program with your very own "recovery coach" and support materials offered for pennies on the dollar. Check out the video below and then register to get started today.


Comprehensive Package

91 Video Messages Online and DVD (or flash drive), Epic Life Manual, Student and Leadership Manual, 24 & 7 Book, 1 Study Bible, 1 Personalized Bible, Journals, Devotional, 4 Disc Bible Series, WOW 2019, T shirt, Bracelet, 1 on 1 Conference by Skype or Face-Time every week for 6 months.

Epic Life Solutions is the recovery system that helps you get your life back in the privacy of your own home in 1 easy payment of $750.00.

Price: $750.00 x 1

Epic Life Solutions is the recovery system that helps you get your life back in the privacy of your own home.

5 Phase - 12 Item Power Pack with powerful and life-changing resources.

You will also receive: 91 life-giving messages, 13 week life coach, Mentorship for 12 months, and Leadership training.

Price: $49.95 x 1


The Epic Life Team Retreat for Addiction, Depression and Life Issues is coming soon!

What does it include?: A month at the beach and 1 on 1 with Dr Clay Worrell, an expert in the addiction and depression field.  This month will include the following and more: Physical Trainer, Dietitian. Massage Therapist, Arts and Music, Life Coaches and Business Mentors.


Who is Dr. Clay?: Dr. Clay is a life Coach with a passion for showing others the way to the abundant life and becoming free of addiction.  You can read more about Dr. Clay and what he has overcome here and how he can help you.


When it the Epic Life Team Retreat?: To Be Announced.

How much does it cost?: To Be Announced.  Capacity is limited to only 12 people. 


How do I reserve my spot?: Please call at 919-396-6986 or contact us here to before all spots are reserved.


Please call at 919-396-6986 or contact us here to discuss faciliation for groups and organizations.  DVDs and/or Flash Drive available upon request.