Important Addiction Facts...

I became the Director of the Alcoholism Treatment Unit at Harvard's McLean Hospital. I've probably treated a couple of thousand people who have one addiction or another. Almost all residential treatment programs in the United States are 12 Step based, so their effectiveness will depend entirely on whether 12 Step programs work and the statistics for AA are not good. It is helpful for 5‒10% and that's a good thing. That's 5‒10% of people who are being helped by A.A. ‒ it's a lot better than zero percent ‒ but it shouldn't be thought of as the standard of treatment because it fails for most people ‒ for the vast majority of people.

- Lance Dodes, MD ‒ Addiction Expert & Author ‒ Harvard

Words from Clay and Felicia

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Dr. Clay Worrell

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